Thursday 22 February 2018

The Twits: Shinners take umbrage at Gogarty 'cheap shot'

Jason O'Brien Twitter: @jasonpobrien

WITH all the mud-slinging, it's little wonder candidates are getting a bit dirty.

The Green's Paul Gogarty is always good for a laugh -- it's up to you whether it's with him or at him.

"Text from voter just now: 'A Sinn Fein candidate just left a leaflet under my car. i guess old habits die hard!' boom boom if u pardon D pun," he said yesterday.

Sinn Fein supporters ignored the opportunity to lambaste his spelling and punctuation -- he is a former party spokesman on education -- and instead took offence at the insinuation, stopping just short of calling him a big meanie.

Gogarty first denied it was a "cheap shot" (he obviously can't stop himself) and then claimed he tweeted the text message "as an observation but don't the sensitive card while the disappeared are still out there" (sic).

Oh dear. His brain rarely engages with his mouth. But others don't engage at all.

Take Lucinda Creighton. Away somewhere, fast.

Fine Gael's candidate tweeted on Sunday that she "supported the Civil Partnership Bill fully" but added that she did not support gay marriage.

"Because I think marriage is primarily about children, main purpose being to propagate &create."

She believes that gay couples should be treated "fairly and justly" in matters such as tax and inheritance -- but marriage is "different".

Lucinda is the party's spokeswoman on Equality and Integration. Yesterday, she was ignoring requests to explain her position.

"I do apologise," flexbrowne told her. "I have sired a son and yet not married!''

"I don't get it," janeruffino complained. "You're for equality or you're not. Can no more be conditionally equal than a little bit pregnant."

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