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The Twits: Attacks on Lucinda nearly break the internet

"SAME old circus, but with different clowns in it."

It's not often you get a laugh from 'Liveline' -- the unrivalled 'Funny Friday' notwithstanding -- but that would be a good Twitter tagline for the election results were it not so wordy.

With the end in sight, fatigue has begun to set in, with some candidates lashing out at imaginary enemies.

"I'm surprised that the damaging effects of Progressive Democrats policies (have) gone unmentioned in this election," Dan Boyle pointed out to no-one in particular.

It seems we may have imagined that Fine Gael's Lucinda Creighton was a regular tweeter, too.

According to her site, she has tweeted 773 times but -- the odd, dreary, manifesto link aside -- she has been very quiet over the past four days.

Coincidentally, one of her last tweets revealed she believed the purpose of marriage is "primarily about children, main purpose being to propagate and create environment for children to grow up".

That hasn't gone down well with the gay community.

And, having been ignored by Lucinda when looking for clarification, some went to Fine Gael's Facebook page yesterday to question whether Lucinda was speaking for the party as a whole, and bombarding the page with various pictures marked NSFW (not suitable for work).

When some users posted comments on the Fine Gael page, they found they were then deleted.

Fine Gael said the comments were deleted as they believed there was a "co-ordinated attack" carried out against its site.

The party then said it deletes posts to "free up space for other people to have their say". Wait, what? The internet is full now? It's going to burst at the seams?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Fine Gael -- it's very worrying.