Tuesday 24 April 2018

The Tweets: Five-point plan leaves tweeters three sheets to wind

ine Kerr

FINE Gael went trending on Twitterland last night, thanks in part to predictions about just how many times Enda Kenny would say "five-point plan" in the three-way debate.

One tweeter Chris Flynn designed a whole drinking game around the phrase which has now become as infamous as the 2007 'sign the contract' order.

Another Derek Mooney and many others opened a betting book on how many times the plan would nudge its way into Enda's stream of consciousness.

The spate of tweets followed TV3 footage of Enda giving Young Fine Gael supporters high fives (quite apt) as they chanted "five-point plan". Some tweeters deemed it a grand masterplan to "brainwash" voters.

Fine Gael's trending on Twitter also followed raging debate about the merits of its new video game, with John Gallagher claiming it wasn't realistic because it didn't enable its masters to "shoot yourself in the foot".

A more enthusiastic supporter, Shane Andrew Kelly, claimed the best part of the game arrived when Enda vanquishes Mary Coughlan and screams "Goodbye Calamity".

A more sober tweet came from Fine Gael's Cork-based TD Deirdre Clune, who tweeted to say her party would promote Cork (naturally) as a hi-tech hub for digital gaming.

But the Green's Paul Gogarty wasn't have any of it, claiming voters were simply going to swap one Civil War party for another. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me," he said.

May of our tweeting politicians remained off the radar as they marched on doorsteps for the third last time. It left one Sligo artist Annie West to reflect on the #ge11 that was: "I miss Dick Roche. There. I said it."

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