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Sinn Fein just keeps on saying 'Yes' to teachers

SINN Fein has been caught out giving different answers to teachers over how much it would spend on education if it was in government.

The party's pledges of a huge increase in education spending have left it red-faced, after its differing answers left an unexplained gap of €1.5bn.

It has promised the Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO) that education spending will rise to 6pc of national income, officially termed GDP.

But when the party was asked by the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) if it would increase education spending to 7pc of national income, Sinn Fein also replied: "Yes." The difference between the party's conflicting pledges is about €1.5bn a year.

The current Government's spend on education as a proportion of national income is less than 5pc and among the lowest in the developed world.

The TUI has asked its members to support candidates from parties "which have given sincere and positive responses" to a series of questions on education policy, including spending.

Irish Independent