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Publican calls time 'on those who got us into mess'

ONE publican has publicly called time on the government.

Colm Bodkin erected a huge banner on the outside his pub in Dublin's city centre urging people to use their vote on February 25 -- and to remember "who got us into this mess".

The owner of Bodkins pub on Bolton Street took over the family pub 13 years ago, but said he never felt compelled to make a stand before.

"I was never so angry about the state of the country before," he said. "What really got to me was when Micheal Martin started talking about everything being different now.


"Basically, it is still the same people and I just didn't want voters to believe that nobody could do a better job. I think no one could have done a worse job on the economy than Fianna Fail," he added.

The publican paid €160 for the 18x4 banner, which he hung on the outside of his pub himself.

"It is right across from DIT Bolton Street," he added.

"Some of the students will be going home to vote. I only have one vote myself, but maybe this will encourage someone else to use theirs on February 25."

Irish Independent