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McWilliams site offers economics for masses

A FREE economics website packed with information for the ordinary punter has been launched.

The new website -- www.thepeopleseconomy.com -- is the brainchild of Irish Independent columnist David McWilliams.

The idea is to make economics -- the most important issue in this election -- accessible to all.

Mr Mc Williams said economics is far too important "to be left to the establishment who have destroyed the place; it affects everyone, it is our economy, not theirs. It is our money; not theirs and it is our future not just theirs".

The site's content ranges from YouTube videos of economists explaining why the "bank bailout is less of a bailout and more of a sell-out", to a friendly voter guide to the key economic questions you should be asking politicians on the doorsteps and a 'Savage Eye' take on the world of the Minister for Finance.

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