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Fears of political carnage as Jedward top Eurovision vote

IT seems we discovered a novel way to thank our European neighbours for that multi-billion bailout on Friday night.

And we're now following up on the genius gesture by sending Fine Gael's Enda Kenny to Germany today to confirm acceptance.

This was the weekend that #Jedward and #GE11 morphed into one -- after a public vote trumped for the hyperactive twins to represent us at the Eurovision and opinion polls put Enda Kenny on course to oversee a single- party government.

The massive public vote for the colourful duo prompted a furious debate on Twitter about what this may signal for the election vote on February 25.

Sinn Fein councillor Thomas Sharkey tweeted what hundreds of other frenzied observers were failing to contain in 140 characters: "The fact that the public voted Jedward in makes me worry about the general election."

Fine Gael's Dublin Central candidate, Senator Paschal Donohoe, also struggled with the juxtaposition of twins and election. "On #TodayFm this morning arguing that #GE is dominated by policy. Moments later argue that Jedward represented big progress from Dustin."

The curious turn of events was not lost on Green Party TD Paul Gogarty, who tweeted: "If we get Fine Gael in power and Jedward in the #Eurovision, it will serve as a warning to #Egypt on democratic system."

On the upside, however, numerous tweeters wondered if this might in fact be a secret ploy to beat the Germans into submission and have them agree to a reduction in our ECB interest rates.

Last night, as Enda Kenny confirmed his travel details for Berlin, one Martin.M summarised it best: "I hope @EndaKennyTD remembers to apologise to Merkel for the abomination that is Jedward we're send(ing)to Germany."

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