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Even Micheal's gaffes fail to make an impact

MICHEAL Martin may have apologised for his clumsy impression of a Chinese accent but it now appears he need not have bothered.

The Chinese embassy in Dublin told Floating Voter it was not even aware of Micheal's gaffe. And the embassy was unenthusiastic when offered the opportunity to listen to an audio clip of what's been labelled the clean-cut Corkman's 'David Brent' moment.

A spokesperson for the embassy yesterday said she hadn't heard about the story.

"I have no idea about what you've mentioned. I did not read anything about that and I am in no position to make any comment on that."

Nice to know Micheal's words are treated with the utmost importance.

With the drubbing Fianna Fail is heading for in the polls, he may as well get used to not being listened to.

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