Wednesday 24 January 2018

'Dukes' O'Connor avoids hazards by taking a lift

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

Having added to the gaiety of the nation on Wednesday with her advanced driving skills at the end of her first day in Leinster House, Mary Mitchell O'Connor arrived to work in a more sedate fashion yesterday morning.

For this time the Daisy Duke of the Dail approached the Kildare Street gates on foot. "I got a lift in," she explained.

Fine Gael's new deputy caused much-needed merriment when she was captured steering her bright red coupe across the pedestrian-only plinth in front of Leinster House and down the set of steps at the end of it.

"I feel silly," admitted Mary yesterday , clearly a little rattled by her instant celebrity.

Mary Mitchell O'Connor is one of the intake of 76 new TDs who have been elected to the 31st Dail, and in fairness many of the new arrivals are spending time lost in the maze of corridors inside the parliament building.

But at least Mary's exploits have served as a warning to other new kids on the political block. Another new deputy behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive swung in past the photographers at the gate. "I'm going to drive up the steps for ye," she laughed.

But Mary has learned her lesson the hard way and, as she walked through the entrance yesterday, she added, "I'm going to go up now and have a look and see how did I do such a thing".

Alas, it seems as if there'll be no sequel from Daisy Duke.

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