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Conor has close shave ahead of poll bloodbath

IT'S been so long since we heard from Conor Lenihan, we were beginning to think he was hiding somewhere up the Dublin Mountains.

It seems like an age since he was calling on Brian Cowen to resign, annoying Fianna Fail TDs and torpedoing brother Brian's chances of being FF leader.

But up popped Conor yesterday, getting a close shave in preparation for the election bloodbath.

Conor faces the mother of all showdowns with party colleague Charlie O'Connor in Dublin South-West and Fianna Fail will be lucky if one of them is returned.

Not that Conor's getting in a lather (geddit?) about it all. We just hope he didn't steal the blade and head in search of nemesis Vincent Browne. It could be a repeat of their showdown a few weeks ago. "Just back off Vincent, I've a razor here."

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