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Adams forced to deny role in McConville murder again

SINN Fein leader Gerry Adams was forced again yesterday to deny claims from a former IRA man that he was involved in the murder of Jean McConville.

The mother of 10 was kidnapped and killed by the IRA in 1972.

Mr Adams' campaign to get elected in Louth has been plagued by his past as questions persisted over his involvement in the IRA.

The controversy appears to have dented his popularity rating, which has dropped four points to 29pc in today's Irish Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne poll.

Mr Adams accused his dead friend Brendan Hughes of trying "to feed" an agenda. Mr Hughes alleged in his book that Mr Adams was an IRA boss. The claim was made during an interview done on the basis that it would only be revealed after his death, which occurred in 2008.

Despite the controversy, Mr Adams' party is set to double its number of seats in the Dail. Overall support has dropped by one point since last weekend's poll to 11pc, and it hopes to significantly increase its Dail seats this time around.

But Sinn Fein has previously promised much before an election before ultimately failing to deliver. While it has been strong on rhetoric -- repeatedly calling for Ireland to reject the EU/IMF deal -- it has been found wanting when it comes to producing credible figures to back plans for economic recovery.

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