Friday 23 February 2018

Jimmy Guerin credits his 'boys' and social network cop-on for election win

Jimmy and Louann Guerin pictured in the count centre in City West. Picture: GERRY MOONEY
Jimmy and Louann Guerin pictured in the count centre in City West. Picture: GERRY MOONEY

Cormac Murphy

INDEPENDENT candidate Jimmy Guerin said he has his sons to thank for his successful bid in the local elections.

The former Fianna Fail activist only decided to enter the Fingal County Council race in the last month.

"It was the three boys who went out and hopefully won a seat for me. We only decided to run three and a half weeks ago. They were able to take advantage of Facebook, and all this new media and texting," he told the Sunday Independent.

Mr Guerin, brother of murdered Sunday Independent crime journalist Veronica Guerin, polled well in the Howth/Malahide ward.

He doesn't believe it was a Fianna Fail vote, although that may have been the case when he ran in 2009.

"I wouldn't think I did on this occasion [get a FF vote]. On the last occasion I may have, but I wouldn't think on this occasion I would have. It would be an Independent vote. It's definitely a community vote this time around," he said.

There wasn't an opening in Fianna Fail even if he had wanted to get on the ticket, though he had grown disillusioned with the party.

"Fianna Fail has changed over the years so it wouldn't be the type of organisation I would want to be out aligning myself to now.

"The austerity measures – all the things they introduced – I don't think they thought out the real effect it would have on the people."

Mr Guerin said crime is a big issue in his area.

"In one area in Bayside over a three-day period we had 17 break-ins. People are hurting. I didn't go out promising I could change the world as councillors, it's more local issues," he said.

He was close in 2009, only just missing out.

"I ran before five years ago. I missed it by about 90 votes. It went from five seats to eight seats. I came sixth the last time."

Mr Guerin has been politically active for decades.

"I was a member of Fianna Fail from a very young age," he said. "I've been politically active for 30 years. I've been active at community level for a long time. I was the youngest president of St Vincent de Paul, when I was 18, in the Dublin region."

Nevertheless, he stood back during the campaign and allowed his sons Neil, Mark and Glen to get on with working on his successful bid.

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