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Gormley predicts tough fight

The Green Party's six TDs will retain their seats in the General Election, leader John Gormley predicted today.

Admitting it will be a tough fight for the former coalition partners, Mr Gormley said they would be in the running for the last seat in nine constituencies.

"I am not contemplating any incineration or otherwise of the Green Party," he said, at the party's campaign launch in Dublin's Sugar Club.

"We are going to fight this election all the way, each of us in our own constituencies."

The party has already confirmed 39 candidates but Mr Gormley said they were hoping to run a Green representative in every constituency.

The ex-environment minister rejected suggestions that the outcome of the next Government was a foregone conclusion.

He claimed there would be a clash of egos and policies between Fine Gael and Labour.

Mr Gormley said the general election was the most important in a generation and his party would fight it on the basis of sound policies and experience, not false promises.

"We will be honest with the electorate about the challenges facing this economy, but also about the real opportunities for job creation and sustainable growth," he said.

Green finance spokesman Senator Dan Boyle signalled his party would also target divisions between the main Opposition challengers during the campaign.

"We will also seek to expose the inherent contradictions and false claims of other parties, notably Fine Gael and Labour who seek to form the next Government," he said.

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