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Floating Voter: Mannix Flynn's the poster child for tackling dirty tricks

The disillusioned, disgruntled and disenfranchised guide to Elections 2014

Mannix Flynn election posters in Dublin. Photo: Tony Gavin
Mannix Flynn election posters in Dublin. Photo: Tony Gavin

Plenty of accusations have been flying around in recent weeks of election posters being stolen or defaced.

Candidates across the political spectrum have whined about being "victims" of a dirty tricks campaign orchestrated by their rivals.

But one election hopeful is inviting voters to "reface" his election posters.

Colourful Dublin City Councillor Mannix Flynn (inset) insists there is nothing wrong with writing messages on posters as long as they are positive.

He has this week launched a 'refacing' campaign and is offering a "special prize" for the best message received.

"Please use the backdrop of my election posters to express yourself in a positive and innovative way," he wrote to voters in the Pembroke-South Dock ward.

"There will be a surprise prize for the best of the best. If you wish to collect a poster simply email me and I'll arrange a place and a time," he adds.

According to Mr Flynn, a number of voters have already written messages on posters that have been placed on Essex Street in the south inner city.

"People have a lot of innovative ideas and election candidates should be more willing to receive and discuss them, that's what I'm trying to do with this 'refacing' initiative," he explained.


Matt Carthy is across the line already.

Sinn Fein's candidate in Ireland Midland-North-West can head to Brussels this week to move into his office.

And this isn't based upon the findings of repeated opinion polls, which have him topping the poll.

Better than that, Mr Carthy has the backing of clairvoyant cow, Pajo the Calf. The psychic bovine was out canvassing with Mr Carthy yesterday.

Mr Carthy is also running in the local elections, so he'll have to immediately give his council seat to a substitute, assuming he is elected to both. Pajo the Councillor may be on the cards.


ANOTHER day, another injury sustained on the campaign trail.

Candidates and their canvassers have been suffering dog bites and busted lips.

Now, an election hopeful has broken his arm – and he's pointing the finger at his younger brother.

Independent candidate in Ballymun Sean Tyrrell fell from a ladder while erecting posters on Friday.

His younger brother was tasked with keeping the ladder steady but wandered off, Tyrrell says.

"Naturally, being aged 16, my brother's mind and legs began to wander off, and the ladder came down with me on it," he added.


The worst job of the election campaign has to be that of head of the RTE Election Steering Group, who has to deal with the whinging from each of the candidates.

Regardless of what you do or what you cover, you're wrong. And the latest headache for the national broadcaster to deal with is the split line-up for the debates, where Division 1 is made up of sitting MEPs and candidates from the recognised bigger parties, while Division 2 comprises of the rest.

War has already broken out over last night's Ireland MNW debate and you can expect more to follow.

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