Monday 23 October 2017

FG plan for internships lacks even basic detail

ine Kerr Political Correspondent

FINE Gael's plan to create 23,000 new internship places for unemployed graduates is high in aspiration-- but low in the most basic and fundamental details.

The party wants to plough €177m into funding work experience placements in the public and private sector.

However, it has not engaged in any wide consultation with unions and companies which would have to implement such a complex programme.

The party also failed to say where the multi-million funding will come from to fund the ambitious programme, insisting it will become clear when it publishes its fiscal strategy.

The National Internship Programme amounts to just one and a half pages.

But details about how it will operate, who will administer it and who will ensure proper regulation and oversight have not been revealed.

"It will have to properly organised. There will have to be a proper programme," Fine Gael's frontbench spokesman Leo Varadkar said when asked about the finer points yesterday.

This document from Fine Gael on "tackling the scourge of forced emigration" follows vagueness on its mortgage interest relief scheme and a confession on Tuesday about how its public sector redundancy scheme will cost €1bn in payments and new borrowings

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