Monday 27 May 2019

Exclusive: 'Sinn Fein hasn't had this strength since 1918' - Gerry Adams

Joyce Fegan

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams says the strength of the party after the 2014 local elections leaves the party at its strongest since the founding of State.

"Sinn Fein has not has this strength since 1918," said Mr Adams.

He also said that Sinn Fein's win across the Ireland is more than just a protest vote by the electorate.

"The government will try and dismiss this as a wrap on the knuckles for them but it's far more than that, this is a major shift in power," stated the Republican Party leader.

Of counted seats in Dublin City Council, being counted in the RDS, where Mr Adams was visiting, Sinn Fein has 59pc of them.

He also said that it is hard to say how his four-day questioning by the PSNI during the campaign affected their all over vote. "We could have got more votes who knows," he said.

Mr Adams will now visit Cork, Galway and Limerick before reviewing the party's plan moving forward.\

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