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Enda is urged to 'disgrace Vincent Browne'

"ENDA, Enda, don't go without saying hello to me, Joan is my name."

The Fine Gael leader had just arrived in Carlow town on a rapid tour through the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency yesterday. But Joan Corcoran managed to slow him down for long enough to bend his ear.

He held Joan's hands as she told him she was worried about student nurses who will no longer be paid in their final year.

How was Enda Kenny going to help young people like her daughter, a nurse?

And she advised him: "You should go on that programme with Vincent Browne. Make a disgrace of him and tell him we've all lost people through suicide and I do think you need to speak up for these people who have no one to speak up for them."

But Enda was not for turning. He explained earlier on the Sue Nunn show on local radio station KCLR 96fm that the "intricacies of debate" didn't matter to Joe Soap.

"I am going to say my piece in three debates with other leaders and I have plenty to say on a good story about our five-point plan to get Ireland working.

Throughout the day, Enda's crew insisted "meeting the people" was Enda's forte.

But one Fine Gael supporter was left with disappointment etched on his face. Paddy Nolan travels the country for Fine Gael events -- and he was honoured as a lifetime supporter after devoting 50 years to party activism.

He had come in from Ballon, Co Carlow, to meet Mr Kenny at local Cllr Pat Deering's constituency office in the town but was given short shrift.

He stood outside the office for at least 45 minutes while Mr Kenny tucked into food in the nearby Delta Centre. But then, as Paddy was telling the leader about how he had received an award for his lifetime of support, Mr Kenny was already walking away.

He had a foot in the door of Cllr Deering's office and nothing was going to get in his way -- not even 10 seconds with Paddy.

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