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Cowen remains tight-lipped on whether he intends to run again

OUTGOING Taoiseach Brian Cowen has still not told Fianna Fail if he intends to run in the next general election.

Mr Cowen last night remained silent on his decision following a party meeting of his Laois-Offaly followers on Tuesday night.

Delegates are keen to see Mr Cowen's name on the ballot paper despite his plunge in ratings nationwide.

They are adamant he would easily be re-elected -- and more importantly would help the chances of Fianna Fail winning a second seat in the constituency because of his surplus.

His enormous vote in 2007 was the key to Laois TD Sean Fleming winning a seat.

However, as the clock ticks, Mr Cowen is more likely to opt out of running again and may propel his brother forward for the position instead.

Barry Cowen has repeatedly refused to declare an interest in running for election -- stating that his brother should be given time to make his mind up first.

It is expected Mr Cowen will make his intentions known tomorrow.

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