Monday 21 October 2019

Mum's know best: Tallies show success for Green Party candidate who campaigned with his mother

Michael Pidgeon and his proud mum
Michael Pidgeon and his proud mum
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

It was a case of the early bird when it came to the Green Party and local candidates like Michael Pidgeon who campaigned hard on climate change helping him lead the way, as the tallies show.

Michael, who attended the RDS count centre in Dublin, with his campaign manager and mother, Grace, stormed ahead in the polls with 23pc of the vote, leaving old traditionals Fine Gael and Fianna Fail in his wake.

Fine Gael’s Eoghan Howe gained only 10pc of the vote while Fianna Fail’s Ammar Ali, claimed a healthier 18pc.

But People Before Profit’s Tina MacVeigh claimed the highest pc of votes with 29pc. 

Mr Pidgeon told "I am delighted to get 23pc of the vote, according to the early indications.

"It’s a humbling result and I know a lot of people were indicating to me they wanted to take action over climate change but it didn’t occur to me it would be on this scale locally and nationally.

"I believe the public is really sending a strong message to the Government, they have voted in a trend and that trend is Green. 

"There’s been areas that voted traditionally with Fine Gael who’ve switched to the Green Party and I think that shows how much people want to see change.

"We are at the local elections and see this huge indication that the public wants climate change to be on the agenda, so that has to now send a clear message to Government on what action they need to take."

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