Sunday 16 June 2019

'I never thought we'd have a day like this' – Green Party's Ciaran Cuffe as he gets set to top poll for Europe

Ciarán Cuffe. Picture: Doug O'Connor
Ciarán Cuffe. Picture: Doug O'Connor

Gabija Gataveckaite

The Green Party's Ciaran Cuffe is ‘overjoyed’ with early tallies pointing to a resounding victory for him in the local and European elections.

Speaking to RTÉ, he said this has been an 'extraordinary’ weekend for the Green Party.

“It’s been an extraordinary weekend for the Green Party, I am just so pleased that there is so many young people, young women, [are] getting elected for us all across the country,” he said.

“It is an extraordinary day I never thought we’d have a day like this and I am just overjoyed at the news,” he added.

He said his focus is on the local elections today, as counting doesn't begin for the European elections until tomorrow.

“Well I am waiting until the ballot boxes are opened tomorrow and today I am very focused on my seat on Dublin City Council on the north inner city and I am delighted that the tallies say that I’m doing well there,” he said.

He hopes that Green Party policies will feed into the policies of other political parties.

“For a long time I’ve said, look, we’re delighted to get votes,” he said.

“But if other parties can take on the issues we’re talking about, then that is as good. I think today will see other parties rethinking their policies on housing, on transport on climate change and moving towards the ideas that we’ve been proposing for a long time.”

He explained that he has noticed change in the last several days through canvassing as support slowly emerged for the party.

“I think what’s interesting is a lot of older people spontaneously saying, ‘I am going to give the green party a number one vote’.

“I think younger people saying look, I’m talking to my parents or grandparents about this,” he added.

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