Tuesday 18 June 2019

WATCH: 'It's horrible to be trapped in a situation like that' - what people think about the Divorce Referendum

Markus Krug

With the local and European elections hogging the headlines, it is almost easy to forget that there is another matter to vote on.

There will be also a referendum about a proposed change to the constitution in relation to divorce. The main change would be reducing the time needed to be living apart before applying for a divorce.

With only days to go until polling day, Independent.ie took to the streets of Dublin to ask members of the public what they know about the upcoming referendum.

Some of them have heard about the general issue of the referendum but still want to do their research before Friday’s vote.

“It is about hastening the process for divorce but I’m not fully aware of the fine details yet. So I need to review that before I cast my vote on Friday,” said Oisin Kelly from Rathfarnham.

Tina Darcy from Dublin brings in her personal experience: “I will definitely be voting ‘Yes’ because I think it is a very good idea. I went through a divorce myself and it is horrible when people are trapped in a situation like that.”

James A. Kelly from Co Kerry feels lucky that he has not been affected by the current legislation. “It hasn’t applied to me because I have already been divorced in England. So I won’t be having this problem here.”

Asked on why he thinks some people would vote against a change of the constitution, he jokingly guessed that “maybe some people just want to prolong other people’s misery.”

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