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Rural TD says Ross is one of the 'biggest scumbags in Irish politics'


Shane Ross. Photo: Sportsfile

Shane Ross. Photo: Sportsfile


Shane Ross. Photo: Sportsfile

Rural Independent TD Michael Collins has described Shane Ross as one of the "biggest scumbags" in politics.

At a post-election rally, Mr Collins said he was glad the former transport minister was now "on the scrap heap of Irish politics".

"I said I would do everything I could to take that man down because he ruined rural Ireland and tonight the great people of Dublin took him out of it," he said.

Mr Collins and Mr Ross regularly clashed in the Dáil over drink-driving legislation. Contacted by the Irish Independent, Mr Collins said he would "take back" calling Mr Ross a scumbag but insisted he was "delighted" he lost his seat.

"I always try kick the ball and not the man but what that man has done has far-reaching consequences that will go on for decades in our country," he said.

"The man wrecked rural Ireland."

Mr Ross said he was "very sorry" that in the "flush of victory" Mr Collins took the opportunity to "rage against" road safety measures intended to save his constituents' lives.

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