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Meath West

Constituency Results


Seats: 3

Black sheep takes on flock

The Shinner Surge gets personal as the party seeks to take its seat back from former TD Peader Tóibín, now the leader of the fledgling Aontú. Sinn Féin's Johnny Guirke has a difficult task. Fine Gael minister Damien English and Fianna Fáil's Shane Cassells are comfortable.

On the ballot

Shane Cassells - Fianna Fail

Damien English - Fine Gael

Noel French - Fine Gael

Johnny Guirke - Sinn Fein

John Malone - Renua

Séamus McMenamin - Green Party

Ronan Moore - Social Democrats

Sarah Reilly - Fine Gael

Peadar Tóibín - Aontú

* Bold text represents incumbent TD