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Constituency Results


Seats: 4

O'Sullivan fights on

Fianna Fáil vote-hoover Willie O'Dea is hammering home his usual message that people are saying he's safe and "ignore this underhand talk". No mention of giving a No 2 vote to his running mate James Collins. Fianna Fáil will again struggle to take a second seat but Collins is in the mix. Sinn Féin's Maurice Quinlivan is safe. Labour's Jan O'Sullivan is shaky from Green Brian Leddin. Fine Gael just want to cling on for dear life to the retiring Michael Noonan's seat. Fine Gael HQ prefers Kieran O'Donnell, while the Taoiseach's office has a soft spot for Maria Byrne.

On the ballot

Rebecca Barrett - The National Party

Jenny Blake - Social Democrats

Maria Byrne - Fine Gael

Mary Cahillane - Solidarity-People Before Profit

James Collins - Fianna Fail

Frankie Daly - Independent

Brian Leddin - Green Party

Willie O'Dea - Fianna Fail

Kieran O'Donnell - Fine Gael

Jan O'Sullivan - Labour

Maurice Quinlivan - Sinn Fein

Michael Ryan - Aontú

* Bold text represents incumbent TD