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Constituency Results


Seats: 5

The rows of Tralee

Sinn Féin's Martin Ferris is retiring and being replaced by Pa Daly in Tralee. Ferris had worked out how much the vote could drop and still hold the seat. Those worries are gone now.

Fianna Fáil's Norma Foley was making the best shot of pipping Daly in Tralee. Now her only chance is taking out her colleague, Fianna Fáil's sitting TD John Brassil. Brassil still looks stronger. Fine Gael minister Brendan Griffin was thought to have never have wanted a running mate but he'll be damn glad of the transfers from Mike Kennelly. On a fair day for Fianna Fáil, Norma Moriarty in the south will press Griffin, but it's hard to see. The Healy-Rae machine is in full flow and Michael Healy-Rae and Danny Healy-Rae will march in again.

On the ballot

John Bowler - Irish Freedom Party

John Brassil - Fianna Fail

Ted Cronin - Independent

Pa Daly - Sinn Fein

Norma Foley - Fianna Fail

Sonny Foran - Aontú

Brendan Griffin - Fine Gael

Danny Healy-Rae - Independent

Michael Healy-Rae - Independent

Mike Kennelly - Fine Gael

Norma Moriarty - Fianna Fail

Cleo Murphy - Green Party

Sean O'Leary - Independent

* Bold text represents incumbent TD