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Fine Gael won't commit to new Garda unit for insurance fraud



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Most political parties have signed up to a pledge to put in place a fully resourced Garda insurance fraud unit, except Fine Gael.

The Alliance for Insurance Reform says the Garda unit is needed to tackle the insurance crisis.

Large numbers of businesses have been forced to close due to the insurance crisis, with a prediction that 20,000 jobs could be lost this year due to the cover squeeze.

And motorists are under pressure also.

Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, the Social Democrats and Aontú all support the setting up of a dedicated policing unit to go after insurance fraudsters.

However, Fine Gael would not explicitly endorse this plan.

It would only say reforms of the Garda would mean every division in the country will soon have expertise in insurance fraud.

A Fine Gael spokesperson said it was being guided by the Garda Commissioner who said tackling insurance fraud at divisional level is the best approach.

"Under a massive reform of Garda structures now taking place, each and every Garda division in the State will have expertise in a number of critical areas including economic crime," the party said.

All the political parties have been told by the Alliance for Insurance Reform to follow through on their manifesto promises on insurance reform. A review of the manifestos shows the focus on reform of the sector.

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