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Dún Laoghaire

Constituency Results

Dún Laoghaire

Seats: 4

The double-barrel battle

Green Ossian Smyth seemingly can't lose and Fine Gael's Mary Mitchell O'Connor will survive the squeeze. Fianna Fáil's Cormac Devlin has the local work rate, but Mary Hanafin has a claim to a ministerial car if her party gets into power. S/PBP's Richard Boyd Barrett has to stave off Fine Gael's Jennifer Carroll-MacNeill, which appears eminently doable. It would have to be a Shinner Swarm for Sinn Féin's Shane O'Brien to come into contention. Fine Gael is already down retiring TD Seán Barrett and the ditched Maria Bailey.

On the ballot

Richard Boyd Barrett - Solidarity-People Before Profit

Jennifer Carroll MacNeill - Fine Gael

Cormac Devlin - Fianna Fail

Mary Hanafin - Fianna Fail

Mary Mitchell O'Connor - Fine Gael

Shane O'Brien - Sinn Fein

Juliet O'Connell - Labour

Con Óg Ó Laoghaire - Irish Freedom Party

Dave Quinn - Social Democrats

Ossian Smyth - Green Party

Mairead Tóibín - Aontú

Barry Ward - Fine Gael

John Waters - Independent

* Bold text represents incumbent TD