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Murphy's law suits Andrews

Sinn Féin taking out the Housing Minister would be quite the symbolic change. Murphy's Law applies when anything that can go wrong does go wrong. For Fine Gael Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy to lose would mean his party going into meltdown. On a bad day for Fine Gael and a great day for Sinn Féin, he gets beaten by Chris Andrews. Certainly that's where Fine Gael's focus has shifted. Andrews is a former Fianna Fáil TD and a member of that party's esteemed southside dynasty. He'll poll well in Ringsend and the south-east inner city but it will test the Shinner Surge to see if he can go all the way. Fine Gael TD Kate O'Connell also has to make sure not to be passed out by Murphy or she gets sucked into the fray. Labour's Kevin Humphreys should not be dismissed either. Green Eamon Ryan will top the poll and regret not also running Hazel Chu. Fianna Fáil's Jim O'Callaghan is reasonably solid, but hardly safe.

On the ballot

Chris Andrews - Sinn Fein

Norma Burke - Independent

Peter Dooley - Independent

Sarah Durcan - Social Democrats

Mannix Flynn - Independent

Jacqui Gilbourne - Renua

Kevin Humphreys - Labour

John Keigher - Independent

Annette Mooney - Solidarity-People Before Profit

Eoghan Murphy - Fine Gael

Jim O'Callaghan - Fianna Fail

Kate O'Connell - Fine Gael

Sean O'Leary - Independent

Eamon Ryan - Green Party

Ben Scallan - Irish Freedom Party

* Bold text represents incumbent TD