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Demands for FF to come clean on fracked gas policy


Mixed claims: FF’s Jack Chambers said the party was against the imports

Mixed claims: FF’s Jack Chambers said the party was against the imports

Mixed claims: FF’s Jack Chambers said the party was against the imports

Fianna Fáil's flip-flopping on fracking has been exposed in a series of contradictory statements by TDs and senators.

Campaigners are now demanding the party comes clean on its policy before the election.

Environmental group Futureproof Clare has made a YouTube film of 11 party representatives taking completely different views on the issue in recent months.

In the last fortnight alone, Jack Chambers, Fianna Fáil spokesperson on climate action, told RTE's 'The Week in Politics' that the party was against fracked gas imports and that the Shannon LNG terminal, which would received fracked gas from the United States, should not proceed.

Five days later, the party's deputy leader, Dara Calleary, told Radio Kerry it was necessary to secure the country's energy supply and the party supported the project.

Other clips, taken from Dáil and Seanad debates, Oireachtas committee meetings and broadcast interviews, reveal a lack of consistency in policy.

William Hederman of Futureproof Clare said Fianna Fáil needed to be clear with voters before the election.

"It's incredible that Fianna Fáil front-benchers - people who expect or hope to be our ministers within weeks - are contradicting each other on such as major issue as Shannon LNG," he said.

"It's clear the party has not bothered to agree a policy on what is one of the major climate threats in Europe - the importation of fracked gas."

Fianna Fáil said it was firmly opposed to fracking in Ireland but on the question of importing gas from fracking fields overseas it would not commit, saying it was conscious of the need to have a secure energy supply and energy storage capacity.

"However, we also recognise the issues that arise with the embedding of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, compression, distribution and storage of natural gas sourced from a more diverse range of regions and production techniques," it said.

It said it would await the outcome of a planned government energy security review before firming up its position.

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