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Cork North-Central

Constituency Results


Seats: 4

A tale of city and county

Sinn Féin's Thomas Gould is now comfortable and the party will regret not having a running mate. Fianna Fáil's Pádraig O'Sullivan is also in the clear, with running mate Tony Fitzgerald among the chasing pack going after Solidarity's Mick Barry and Fine Gael's Colm Burke. After the Dara Murphy debacle, Fine Gael are praying Burke can get enough support in the county areas. Labour has high hopes for John Maher and he'll never get a better chance, while Green Oliver Moran will be too far off.

On the ballot

Mick Barry - Solidarity

Colm Burke - Fine Gael

James Coughlan - The Workers Party

Tony Fitzgerald - Fianna Fail

Thomas Gould - Sinn Fein

Sinéad Halpin - Social Democrats

Timothy J Hogan - Independent

Ger Keohane - Independent

John Maher - Labour

Oliver Moran - Green Party

Sandra Murphy - Fianna Fail

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla - Independent

Stephen James O'Donovan - Independent

Kenneth O'Flynn - Independent

Sean O'Leary - Independent

Lorraine O'Neill - Fine Gael

Pádraig O'Sullivan - Fianna Fail

Finian Toomey - Aontú

* Bold text represents incumbent TD