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Carlow Kilkenny

Constituency Results


Seats: 5

Carlow shapes the field

Sinn Féin's Kathleen Funchion was dead in the water but now has a fighting chance, which changes everyone else's ambitions. Fianna Fáil's John McGuinness in Kilkenny city is solid.

But Bobby Aylward in the south county is vulnerable if Jennifer Murnane O'Connor in Carlow gets the better of Fine Gael's Pat Deering and Fianna Fáil falls short of three seats.

Fine Gael minister John Paul Phelan seems OK. Green Malcolm Noonan will need a big lift to be in contention.

On the ballot

Bobby Aylward - Fianna Fail

Helena Byrne - Renua

Pat Deering - Fine Gael

Kathleen Function - Sinn Fein

Alan Hayes - Independent

Denis Hynes - Labour

John McGuinness - Fianna Fail

Jennifer Murnane-O'Connor - Fianna Fail

Malcolm Noonan - Green Party

Melissa O'Neill - Irish Freedom Party

Patrick O'Neill - Fine Gael

John Paul Phelan - Fine Gael

Angela Ray - Independent

Adrienne Wallace - Solidarity-People Before Profit

* Bold text represents incumbent TD