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'Be careful with our democracy,' MEP tells voters


Mairead McGuinness. Photo: PA

Mairead McGuinness. Photo: PA

Mairead McGuinness. Photo: PA

Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness referred to a recent visit to Auschwitz to warn voters they must be "very careful of our democracy" and how they vote in this Saturday's General Election.

She made the comments last night at a campaign event in Virginia, Co Cavan, raising her visit to Poland for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi-run concentration camp.

"I gave a speech outside with the Jewish community, and we were reflecting on when democracy fails and when people are marginalised and dehumanised," she told Fine Gael supporters.

"I would say to you... we have to be very careful of our democracy. We have to nurture it, respect it, and we have to vote. Vote in a way that we know is best for our country, and for our communities. And 75 years is not a long time in history."

She told the Irish Independent afterwards that the remarks were not directed at any party.

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