Tuesday 17 September 2019

Philip Ryan: Gerry wants you to forget everything as you vote today

Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald meet the media on O’Connell Street, Dublin. Photo: Tom Burke
Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald meet the media on O’Connell Street, Dublin. Photo: Tom Burke
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

Gerry Adams wants you to vote for him and Sinn Féin today. He wants you to put aside everything you know about his murky past and his association with the Provisional IRA.

He wants you to ignore the deafening pleas from the families seeking the truth about the murders of their loved ones who died at the hands of Provo terrorists claiming to kill in the name of freedom.

He wants you to go to your local polling office to exercise your democratic right without giving a second's thought to the living pain still endured by Sheila Stack - the widow of murdered prison officer Brian Stack.

He wants you to mark your ballot paper without giving any consideration to the fact his most loyal lieutenant Kerry TD Martin Ferris picked up Pearse McAuley from prison after he served 10 years for the manslaughter of Garda Jerry McCabe

Mr Adams wants you clear your mind as you cast your vote of anything you heard or read about mother-of-10 Jean McConville, who was murdered and disappeared for 31 years by the IRA.

In fact, he wants you to set aside any thoughts of the never ending trauma of all the people who have had family members disappeared during The Troubles.

He does not want you to think about Briege Quinn whose son Paul was savagely beaten by IRA thugs and left to die in an abandoned cattle shed in Armagh.

He does not want you to imagine the terror experienced by a 16-year-old Mairia Cahill when she was forced to sit opposite Mr Adams to discuss the horrific sexual abuse she endured at he hands of a senior IRA figures in Belfast.

He also does not want you to picture a terrified 12-year-old Paudie McGahon who was raped by an IRA man.

He wants you to dismiss all the controversies surrounding him and the Provisional IRA.

He even wants you to believe that he was not a member of the IRA.

And he wants you to ignore the report by Secretary of State to Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers which found the Provisional IRA's army council still exists and "oversees" Sinn Féin "with an overarching strategy".

He wants you disregard that the same report found Provisional IRA members are electioneering for Sinn Féin.

Mr Adams does not want any of this to feed into your decision making process before you decide who you want to govern this country for the next five years.

Most of all, he wants you to make him leader of this country by voting for him and his party colleagues today.

But remember, you have a choice.

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