Wednesday 26 June 2019

WATCH: 'Marty' Heydon has got his flux capacitor out to solve the problem in the latest downright bonkers election video

Photo: Martin Heydon Fine Gael TD Kildare South #GE16
Photo: Martin Heydon Fine Gael TD Kildare South #GE16
Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

EVERYONE knows DeLorean can't time travel unless it hits 88mph.

But what if Doc Brown's stuck in Athy traffic?

Kildare South candidate 'Marty' Heydon has got his flux capacitor out to solve the problem in the latest downright bonkers election video.

"Don't worry doc. I've secured funding for the Athy ring-road," he says, only for Doc to shoot back: "I drove on it last week in the year 2018. It's going to be fantastic!"

The dialogue is clunky, the effects are ropey, it features a heavily pregnant cow, and yes Fine Gael hopeful Martin Heydon actually winks at the camera at one point - but the Back to the Future rip-off is hilarious.

The video which was posted on Facebook late last night rapidly racked up more than 9,000 views.

It begins with the candidate in the office in what appears to be a drab election video.

It turns bizarro very quickly with the next shot showing Heydon on the farm jumping out of his skin when Doc Brown's DeLorean bursts into the yard.

"Quick Martin - you gotta come with me. The future of Kildare South and the country depends on it."

"Why Doc? I'm busy right now. Daisy's about to calf," comes the reply.

But the Doc explains that the "consequences are dire" - "You will lose your seat, we won't have a stable government, and Kildare won't win the All-Ireland in 2019."

On goes the Marty McFly body warmer and they hop in the DeLorean decked out with 'Heydon-1' plates

So Marty drives off and brings him to the local school explaining how "children are the future".

"You're so right Marty. Children are the future and I look so much forward to going to Newbridge when you open the Doc Brown school of nuclear physics in 2022 when you're the minister for education," he says.

"Can't wait Doc," Marty replies.

Later there's a visit to a constituent who asks: "Marty but where do you get the time?"

Dialing the cheese-fest up to the maximum, the candidate looks over his shoulder to the car and back at the camera with a wink.

Yes we've had Michael Healy Rae's cover of country song 'Hit the Diff' featuring snaps of him with a gun and cuddling a dog.

We've had Donegal Independent Tim Jackon's Johnny Cash-esque 'I'm voting for Jackson' and of course the 'Alan Kelly Rap'.

But - Great Scott - Marty McHeydon's effort - dubbed 'Secure Your Future' has set the bar high for any more candidates with notions of election video super-stardom.

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