Monday 16 December 2019

Tánaiste Joan Burton suffers a second 'tumble' today as poll shows her in serious danger of losing seat

Ms Burton was speaking in Dublin-West Credit: Sharon Tobin
Ms Burton was speaking in Dublin-West Credit: Sharon Tobin

David Kearns

A clip has emerged of Tánaiste Joan Burton suffering another ‘tumble’ in Dublin West today as a press conference got off to a less than auspicious start.

The Labour leader was preparing to speak to a number of reporters earlier today in her constituency when the podium in front of her decided to go for a tumble, dropping a series of microphones and smartphones on to the pavement.

In the short clip posted on Twitter by RTÉ journalist Sharon Tobin, deputy Burton can be seen reaching to from the podium as it tips over.

Taking the incident her stride, the Tánaiste continued speaking to reporters after the recorders were picked up and placed back on the podium.

The second ‘tumble’ for Ms Burton today, an exclusive poll of the Dublin West constituency by the Irish Independent shows the Labour Party leader has only an outside chance of retaining her seat.

The poll shows Ms Burton with just 10 pc of voter support in Dublin-West.

Leo Varadkar and Paul Donnelly lead the way on 20 pc for Fine Gael and Sinn Féin respectively.

Ms Burton has been elected five times in the constituency, first joining the Dáil in 1992 when she rode in on Labour’s sweeping gains that year.

She lost her seat five years later but regained it in 2002 and has been a representative ever since.

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