Sunday 25 February 2018

'Make your vote and pray, that he goes all the way' - Michael Healy-Rae's election anthem

David Kearns and Cormac McQuinn

Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae's general election campaign is already up and running thanks to a cover of the country cult classic ‘Hit the Diff’.

The monster tune, which has clocked up over 2.1 million hits on Youtube, has been a favourite with nightclubs outside the Pale since it was released early last year.

Now Kerry’s first son Michael Healy-Rae has recorded his own version and used it to highlight his contributions to the county.

Aside from "saving shops, pubs and post offices", the Independent candidate has fought hard against austerity, says ‘Make the Diff’.

“Under water, Irish water… USC, household charges, they tax too much when there’s people staving.”

Last night Michael Healy-Rae told that he didn’t pick the song but said “It seems to be very popular – people enjoy it and to be honest with you everybody seems to be very happy with it.”

Michael Healy Rae Twitter
Michael Healy Rae Twitter

 “I had nothing to do with the song. I didn’t write the song. All I knew is that a group were doing a song."

 He said that its his understanding that anyone can do a cover version of songs.

“it’s not for commercial gain. It’s only a bit of sport," he added.

The song, written and performed by local band called Truly Diverse, is a cover of one recorded by Irish country singer Marty Mone.

Asked by on whether permission had been sought for its use, a spokesperson for the Monaghan singer said “this the first time he’s heard of it”.

“I asked Marty and he’s no knowledge of it, or of Michael Healy-Rae.

“Whether they need permission to use it is another issue – once you’ve put a song out there, anyone can cover it.”

Listening back to the tune, they added: “Yeah that’s Hit the Diff. The lyrics are changed but that’s our song alright.”

The video for ‘Make the Diff’ features a montage of Mr Healy-Rae, including images of him putting sand bags out, giving an RNLI award, and holding a rifle.

The chorus encourages people to "vote him one or vote him two, vote him any way".

“Make your vote and pray that he goes all the way.

“He’s flat to the mat with his black cap and there’s no time for tae.”

Helping to have arranged the election song, Jackie Healy-Rae (jnr) said that Truly Diverse had re-recorded the music and wrote their own lyrics.

“There’s no issue with this, we didn’t need permission because it’s not for commercial gain. It’s a cover, a bit of fun.

“There are no laws against that. Sure, I could have gone on YouTube myself with a guitar and done it myself,” quipped Mr Healy-Rae (jnr).

Last month, Limerick candidate Richard O'Donoghue got the ball rolling on the election anthems with this little ditty:

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