Saturday 20 January 2018

Floating voter: It's a dog-eat-candidate world on the campaign trail for Ring

Fine Gael’s Michael Ring
Fine Gael’s Michael Ring
The son of councillor Sharon Tolan, Rory told Mr Kenny he was going to be a councillor as well.
Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

It's dog-eat-dog out there on the campaign trail - or if you're Fine Gael's Michael Ring, dog-eat-candidate.

The junior minister was knocking on doors in Erris when a terrier dog took exception to his party's long-term economic plan.

"He took a bite out of me. I never saw him coming," a traumatised Mr Ring said. "He left a good mark on it".

The incident brought back the horror of his 1997 campaign. "On my first election the same bloody thing happened to me," the junior minister recalled. "Another terrier dog just nipped me."

Mr Ring said he was fortunate after Monday night's incident. One potential voter was a nurse who disinfected the wound and he didn't have to get a tetanus injection. "It could be a good luck omen," Mr Ring added. "It didn't do me any harm last time."

With all the candidates knocking on doors nationwide, the Mayo hopeful is surely not the only candidate to have a close encounter of the canine kind. Drop us a line - Floating Voter is interested in all cases of politicians being savaged by dogs.

They said what...

Fine Gael candidate Julie O'Leary: "Was given chocolate at one door tonight; canvassing in the rain ain't so bad when the reception is so good."

The tweeting voter

"Young people queue to register to vote after #leadersdebate Oh wait, no they're just going to pub for #DonegalTuesday

Oliver Callan



It's never too early to show political ambition, and Rory Tolan (9) took his chance to make a bid to run for office when Taoiseach Enda Kenny arrived in the Kells office of local candidate Helen McEntee. The son of councillor Sharon Tolan, Rory told Mr Kenny he was going to be a councillor as well.

"He loves working on the campaign," his mum said. "I don't come from a dynasty but I think I'm starting my own," she added, laughing. And Mr Kenny's advice for Rory? "Work hard."


It's former politician Ivan Yates's old stomping ground, but he was absent when the Newstalk election roadshow rolled into Enniscorthy. He missed out as a local shop delivered apple tarts to the battle bus where Wexford candidates were debating, refereed by his 'Breakfast' co-presenter Chris Donoghue.

Local candidate Paul Kehoe tweeted a picture of the desserts, saying the town was "showing its welcoming spirit".

"People are very kind when they hear Ivan is in Dublin," was the post on the Newstalk account.

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