Sunday 20 May 2018

'I think Ashbourne Annie will vote Labour' - Howlin is confident fictional floating voter is on party's side

Brendan Howlin. Photo: Mark Condren
Brendan Howlin. Photo: Mark Condren
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

PUBLIC Expenditure Minister Brendan Howlin believes Labour has convinced fictional floating voter 'Ashbourne Annie' to vote for the party in the General Election.

Speaking at the launch of the party’s election manifesto tax plan, Mr Howlin said, after a “very difficult period” for the party, people are now coming up to Labour politicians and telling them they “did a great job” in government.

The minister said Labour will unveil election commitments relating to childcare and health which will be aimed at wooing people like Ashbourne Annie.

Asked if the fictional voter, who lives in the commuter belt with her husband and children, will vote for Labour, Mr Howlin said: "I think she will, I think she will".

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Communications Minister Alex White said Labour has a “job of persuasion” in the coming weeks and the party will not know until after the election if they have convinced Ashbourne Annie to give them a vote.

“I think whether it’s Ashbourne Annie or Alan or anybody else they will look and compare what parties are saying," Mr White said.

"It’s not a choice between a particular party and Nirvana coming from somewhere else. It is a choice between parties that you have got to compare what they are saying and see how best that aligns with the way you see your situation, your material circumstance and your families into the future.

"We have to bring back some people we have lost, certainly that’s true, and I think we will do that over the course of a period of four weeks but that’s the job of politics and that’s the great thing about elections," the minister added.

Mr White also warned that other “so called” left-wing parties would impoverish the country again by concentrating revenue collection on income tax.

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