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Anne Ferris: 'I'm keeping my election posters in case we go back to the polls in three months'


Anne Ferris. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Anne Ferris. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Anne Ferris. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Defeated Labour TD Anne Ferris said history will be kind to the outgoing government as it was 'one of the best ever.'

She is keeping her election posters in case there is another general election in the next three months.

She was very disappointed to get just 3.8pc of the vote in Wicklow.

She was "devastated" for her supporters and upset because there was no longer a Labour TD nor a woman TD in Wicklow.

"I think it's a bad day for the Government but I do think that history will judge us very kindly and say that we were the best Government, or one of the best governments ever.

"We had to take the hard decisions and now we're being punished for it.

"It's hard to think that people who voted Fianna Fail out only a short five years ago are voting them back in. They seem to have forgotten who caused the mess in the beginning'" she said.

She said Labour will  begin preparing to fight the next local elections and emerge as a very strong party again.

"I won't be throwing out my election posters for about three months as there could be an election. Or  there could be a cobbled together coalition and another election within 18 months," she said.

"I'm not sure I'd be available in 18 months but I would be available within three months...After that, I don't think I'll be putting myself forward again," she said.

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"I've done my job. I've produced more private member's bills than any other TD in Wicklow.

"We legislated for the X case, we had the marriage equality referendum, all the things on the Labour Party agenda. I've worked on the adoption issue, on the abolition of the mandatory retirement age, so I'm very proud of the contribution I've made in five years.

"If Labour had decided to stay in opposition five years ago and build the party, I've no doubt that Eamon Gilmore would still be the leader and we could well be in there as the majority party. But we didn't turn our back on the problem...It was a members' vote and we voted to make the hard journey and make the hard decisions...

"From that Day One and the first Budget, that's when people felt aggrieved against the Labour Party...

"We took the right decision and I would take that decision again in a heartbeat," she said.

She said water charges had been agreed by Fianna Fail with the Troika and the Government had to implement them.

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