Tuesday 22 January 2019

New TD gets VIP treatment from Dublin nightclub

TD Noel Rock admits water charges are ‘expensive’
TD Noel Rock admits water charges are ‘expensive’
Barry Lennon

Barry Lennon

A newly-elected TD has revealed an invaluable perk of his election - a VIP membership card for a well-known Dublin nightclub.

Fine Gael TD Noel Rock says his Copper Face Jacks gold card was the "first thing he received after his election to the Dáil".

The Dublin North-West TD said he did not declare it to the State ethics watchdog, the Standards In Public Office, "as there's no monetary benefit to it".

"Do I have to list how many times I use the gold card?" he asked on Independent.ie political podcast, 'The Floating Voter'.

"I used it once with my campaign team when I took them out for dinner."

Mr Rock, who has nominated Enda Kenny three times for Taoiseach, said he believes "there's a case to be made for reducing water charges".

As his party discusses the stumbling block with Fianna Fáil, he said he believes the charge "was reasonably expensive".

However, Mr Rock believes in retaining Irish Water, saying: "Just because something is unpopular, we shouldn't rush away from it."

Elsewhere on the podcast, Mr Rock talked of becoming the first TD to nominate a Taoiseach four times in a row.

He also hinted at ministerial hopes for the future, but was quick to add that he was "going to be the happiest backbencher for the next while". Mr Rock expressed an interest in education. Barry Lennon

■ The Floating Voter is on Independent.ie.

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