Sunday 21 January 2018

'Lucinda was right to quit FG' - voters

Lucinda Creighton. Photo: Oisin McHugh FusionShooters.
Lucinda Creighton. Photo: Oisin McHugh FusionShooters.
Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle

Almost half of Lucinda Creighton's constituents believe she was correct to quit Fine Gael.

The Renua Ireland leader sacrificed her junior ministry and a potential promotion to Cabinet when she voted against changes to the country's abortion laws in July 2013.

The Dublin Bay South TD's career was very much on the rise after a successful stint as Minister for State for European Affairs. However, she said she could not vote with the Government on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.

She continued as an independent TD before setting up Renua early last year.

Some 46pc of her constituents have now told a Millward Brown poll for the Irish Independent that she was correct in her stance.

Another 29pc said she made the wrong decision, while 24pc said they didn't know.


Asked if they were satisfied with her performance as leader of Renua 35pc said they were, while 42pc said no.

Satisfaction was highest among pensioners and, unsurprisingly, supporters of Renua.

Dissatisfaction was highest among supporters of the Labour Party and Sinn Féin.

Other party leaders received similar ratings with the exception of Gerry Adams who scored just 23pc.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has a satisfaction rating of 37pc in the constituency, Fianna Fáil's Michael Martin is on 38pc and Labour Party leader Joan Burton is on 34pc.

Dublin Bay South's current TDs are all members of the Coalition and satisfaction with the Government is 41pc.

The Coalition is most popular among older people.

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