Saturday 17 March 2018

Floating Voter day 2: Enda's folksy stories from his encounters around the country

Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Compiled by Cormac McQuinn

Enda Kenny likes to tell folksy stories of the people he meets around the country and the election campaign got its first one yesterday, this time about the thousands who had to "seek employment in other lands".

"I was talking to a [grand]father the other night and he said to me 'well the Christening is here in Ireland and that's because my son was able to come back from Australia with his wife and child'," Enda explained.

This all ties in with Fine Gael's famous long-term economic plan as Enda recounted what he told the man.

"I said put a price on the reunification of a family. That's what this plan is about - it's about people, it's about real life situations."

When was the last time an economic plan brought a tear to the eye?

If he's not telling stories about soldiers defending ATMs, he's got an anecdote about a woman from Cavan or a man with two pints "shouting about the cost of water that he could not pay".

That fella was the star of a story about water charges which Enda was arguing were set at a low rate.


Need a guide to Irish politics? Twitter user Joe Haslam (@joehas) has compared the parties to Simpsons characters and his observations are scarily apt. Fianna Fáil is toxic tycoon Montgomery Burns, Fine Gael is Mr Burns in disguise, while Labour is the nuclear power boss in young person's clothing. Sinn Fein is Super-villain Scorpio and the Greens are salesman Gil Gunderson. Renua is Reverend Lovejoy's wife, Helen. And the Social Democrats? No one knows.


If you think there's voter apathy here consider this startling figure - just 15.7pc (357,983) of eligible voters in Iowa turned out to select their state's preferences for Presidential candidates - Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

To put that in context more than 80,000 more people voted in Kim Kardashian's latest Twitter poll on which of her husband Kanye's album names they like best. Fittingly 'So Help Me God' won with 46pc of the vote.

They said what...?

‘Is that the fella from Belfast?’

- A Finglas constituent as SF leader Gerry Adams joined candidates Dessie Ellis and Cathleen Carney on the canvass trail.

Finian’s posters head south

Some of Dublin Bay North candidate Finian McGrath’s posters have gone astray and ended up outside Pearse St Station in Dublin Bay South. Are some of his supporters geographically challenged? Not at all, he says. “It’s a little stunt we do every election. We’re targeting voters getting off the train from Howth, Sutton and Baldoyle. I go down to those stations in the mornings, then they see my face at the other end.” Asked if he had so many posters that he could afford to place a few elsewhere, he replied: “I wish.”

The Tweeting Voter

Anyone have any spare cable ties? #ge16 #oscar

- Kevin Humphreys (@KHumphreysTD)

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