Sunday 25 February 2018

Election 2016: International press questions if government will be formed

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny
Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny

David Kearns

As the count continues to decide the make up of the 32rd Dáil, fears that no bloc will emerge to form the next Government is not restricted to just Irish voters as many international commentators have raised the spectre of a hung Dáil.

Here’s what the foreign press have to say about the general election:

The Financial Times warns that there come be another general election in “less than 18 months”, adding that Ireland will likely face a period of political uncertainty similar to Spain, which is still without a government two months after its pre-Christmas general election.

CNBC leads headline "Ireland set to oust government in election, no obvious replacement: exit poll".

“Economists believe that despite the strong economic recovery, public dissatisfaction with their politicians is high, meaning that the formation of a coalition government could be messy", it reported on Friday.

The Guardian suggests the vote will be inconclusive and that the Government is being punished over its austerity programme.

Bloomberg leads praise for Enda Kenny and the Government’s last five years in power and, surprisingly, says he is on course to secure a second term – via a “rainbow alliance with more than two parties, or a first-ever grand coalition with Fianna Fail.”

The Telegraph reports that Sinn Féin and Gerry Adams will be the main beneficiary of the election, while the BBC is reporting that the “Fine Gael/Labour Government will fall”.

Germany's Deutsche Welle suggests the election outcome "could leave Ireland ungovernable". While the Wall Street Journal says the election has been a “hit against establishment parties".

“The likelihood is that Ireland's governing coalition of center-right Fine Gael and center-left Labour will lose its majority,” it adds.

The Japanese Times warns investors that “Europe’s fastest-growing economy” faces political uncertainty.

The news agency service AFP is running with the headline: "Irish elections a study in epic eccentricity" and says that Enda Kenny will struggle to form a new government.

Al-Jazeera‎ also leads with the same, saying that voters are punishing the Government for its austerity measures.

Elsewhere, Reuters goes with "Irish foes may have to consider unprecedented alliance as coalition thrown out”.

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