Friday 19 January 2018

Election quotes

Labour Party TD Brendan Howlin Photo: Steve Humphreys
Labour Party TD Brendan Howlin Photo: Steve Humphreys Newsdesk Newsdesk

"It seems clear to me that having put the country before everything else for the last five years, we now have to reflect on rebuilding our party." - Brendan Howlin

"I don't think it's going to be easy for that thing that the media have been pushing now for 15 days about Fianna Fail and Fine Gael making a big, big step . . . that's not going to be easy for either party in the first instance. I think Fianna Fail in particular are going to really struggle to do this, I think Fine Gael certainly don't want to do this, but we're going to have to review the situation as a political system."

Fine Gael advisor Mark Mortell

"Some of the people who criticise Gerry Adams couldn't lace his boots as a politician. . . He led us to a dramatic Sinn Fein performance in 2011 from four to 14 seats, and is now leading us to another dramatic performance with a 50pc rise in our seats. It is absolutely not [time for Adams to step aside]."

Martin McGuinness

"I think Enda's record in rebuilding this economy will be something that people, when they reflect on this period, will see as being an extraordinary achievement."

Richard Bruton

"We've tried to have an honest conversation. When the established parties were saying they would do the same old, the Social Democrats took a different position. That we just can't have US taxes and European Social Services. . . The vast majority of people on the doors were saying that's great, at least we can have an honest conversation."

Stephen Donnelly

"The local elections are far more important for gender equality because that's where you learn the bread and butter of politics."

Conor Lenihan

"It is a very difficult day for the party because you are talking about a lot of good people, many of them good friends, facing losing their Dail seats."

Simon Coveney

"For the first time, the civil war parties have less than 50pc between them. And a new left is rising in Irish politics."

Richard Boyd Barrett

"The last five years, where Fine Gael and Labour had a record mandate - the largest overall majority in the history of the state - that was very unhelpful. It made government arrogant. . . I think it is a positive development that we will have much greater diversity in the next Dail."

Mary Lou McDonald

"It is rather unexpectedly bad. It is an extraordinarily fragmented field, there is no dominant force within those numbers."

Former Fine Gael strategist Frank Flannery

"It has to be principles-based, policy-based, it can't be on the basis of a shopping list for each constituency."

Micheal Martin on whether he will take part a coalition government.

"Our preference has always been to get this Government from office and our preference still stands at this time."

Billy Kelleher, Fianna Fail director of elections

"It wasn't to be."

Alan Shatter

"What has happened is that some people got disillusioned with Fianna Fail and went over to Fine Gael, and now they've got disillusioned and gone back to Fianna Fail."

Gerry Adams

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