Saturday 24 March 2018

Aviation tycoon backs FG-Labour Coalition

Domhnal Slattery. Photo: Robbie Reynolds
Domhnal Slattery. Photo: Robbie Reynolds

Gordon Deegan

Aviation tycoon Domhnal Slattery has backed calls for political stability, saying the Fine Gael-Labour Coalition was "not perfect, but in my lifetime, the best Government we have ever had".

Mr Slattery, CEO of aircraft leasing firm Avolon and owner of 'The Clare People' newspaper, wrote a front page editorial telling readers the government parties deserve support.

"This Government has not been perfect but in my lifetime, they are certainly the best government we have had. They deserve our support on election day."

He said that he had never previously interfered with editorial direction and that this was the first time he had asked to write something "because I feel strongly that what this country needs right now is stability".

"When this Government took office back in 2011, the country was almost bankrupt. Fine Gael and Labour took us back from the brink and have now positioned us as the fastest-growing economy in Europe.

"Has this Government been perfect? Of course not. But then the perfect government doesn't exist. The handling of Irish Water was an unmitigated disaster but is hardly enough of a reason to desert the Government for parties who make completely unrealistic promises that threaten to derail our recovery."

His intervention comes only days after a poll in the 'Clare Champion' predicted that two of the county's three government TDs - Joe Carey (FG) and Michael McNamara - will lose their seats.

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