Wednesday 25 April 2018

Adams's car crash interview on commission

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. Photo: Tom Burke
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. Photo: Tom Burke Newsdesk Newsdesk

Reporter: If this commission recommends the retention of Irish Water and the retention of water charges, will you support the findings?

Gerry Adams: The commission will be set up under very strict terms of reference which are about what's the best model for public ownership of that right of people to water.

Reporter: What if it recommends the retention of a utility?

GA: It can't if it's given terms of reference, which I have just outlined. All these commissions, all of these bodies which are set up to do certain jobs of work are given terms of reference. So the terms of reference are 'what's the best public model for ownership of water and for water as a human right'.

Reporter: Well what if it says the best form of model is a public utility?

GA: I've already said to you, they cannot do that.

Reporter: So you are going to block it from recommending what it believes is best?

GA: I've answered that question.

Reporter: So you'd essentially hamstring the commission before it is even set up?

GA: I don't know what you guys don't understand. If you ask me to do a job of work, whatever it is, you want to convert my kitchen, right. You give me the terms of reference; you tell me the type of kitchen you want. You tell me the price you want and so forth. And I'm obliged to go and honour that, I don't go and make your kitchen into a dining room.

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