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Sunday 22 September 2019

Elderly woman who was 'bleeding profusely' left waiting for ambulance after falling between train and platform

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A elderly woman was left waiting almost an hour for an ambulance after falling between a train and a platform in south Dublin.

The woman, who is believed to be aged in her nineties, was getting onto a southbound Dart at Dun Laoghaire at around 11pm on Wednesday night when she was injured.

The woman slipped into the gap between the train and the platform, injuring her leg.

A witness said the elderly woman was "bleeding profusely" and seemed very shaken by the incident.

Fellow passengers rushed to her aid and staff at the station also tended to her.

"About half a dozen people saw her fall and helped her up. They were able to pull her onto the train and sit her down," a fellow passenger told

"She seemed to be in quite a bit of shock."

"The driver came down two minutes later, asking what the commotion was about and rang an ambulance," he added.

The ambulance arrived 42 minutes later, while the train stayed in the station.

During this time a staff member for the local Wetherspoons pub also brought some extra bandages from the bar as they waited for the arrival of the ambulance.

Irish Rail staff tended to the woman as she waited for paramedics to reach the scene.

"She looked frail but she stayed in good spirits. It's just mad that it took so long when there are hospitals nearby," the witness said.

A spokesperson for the HSE said:

"The call was triaged by the National Emergency Operations Centre using the Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System which utilises internationally recognised protocols which ensures life threatening conditions receive an immediate and appropriate response.

"At the time the call was received a number of NAS resources were engaged on other emergency calls and the nearest available emergency ambulance was dispatched to the incident and arrived at the scene at 23:55hrs.  The patient was treated at the scene by NAS Paramedics and transported to St Vincent’s University Hospital."

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