Elderly warn of 'silver revolution' if ignored

Shane Hickey

POLITICIANS were warned yesterday that they could face another "silver revolution" by thousands of disgruntled pensioners if they fail to deliver on fairer healthcare and secure pensions.

As the election campaign intensifies, parties and candidates for the next Dail were left in no doubt that they must tackle the "high five" priorities if they are to win the votes of older people.

An umbrella group of organisations for older people has also pinpointed local transport and the delivery of a national positive ageing strategy as being the principle concerns of the over 65s.

The latest warning comes as a timely reminder to the power of elderly voters who took to the streets in their thousands more than two years ago in protest over changes to the over 70s medical card scheme.

Up to 15,000 people marched on the Dail in October 2008 in a powerful show of 'silver' strength.

The Older & Bolder Alliance is now encouraging older people to raise the issues on the doorsteps with election candidates.