Sunday 22 April 2018

Elderly man with disability permit clamped twice for parking in disabled spot while his wife received chemo

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Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

An elderly man has spoken of his frustration after being clamped twice for parking in a disabled spot at Beaumont Hospital, even though he has a disability permit.

A man called Billy told Joe Duffy on RTÉ's Liveline that he was waiting on his wife Mary who was getting chemotherapy at the hospital when he was clamped.

"Mary was getting chemo at 8:30am on Tuesday. I dropped her in and went back out and I couldn’t find a parking space because it was full.

“I asked a man if there were any wheelchair spots and he said there’s normally two around the corner of the building. I have a wheelchair permit for me so I parked in the spot right beside the entrance to the hospital and I went inside."

Billy said he was shocked when he came out hours later and found that his car was clamped.

“I had a sticker and it was visible. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ring the guys in charge. I was shattered and my wife was in chemo for hours. It was unbelievable."

Billy told Joe Duffy he had to pay €100 on the spot to get his car unclamped.

"I was waiting an hour and a half for them to unclamp me and my son had to come and pick up my wife and bring her home."

Billy's wife Mary said it was the second time they had been clamped while at Beaumont Hospital in the last six months.

"In September we were in A&E and when we came out the car was clamped.

"That time we had to pay €45. We didn’t appeal it because we’re in our 70s and there’s a lot to do. Yesterday they were taking the biscuit.

Mary has to attend Beaumont Hospital every Tuesday for the next nine weeks.

“I only had two sessions and my hair went very quickly. I’ll have to get a wig if I want to get glam."

She told Joe Duffy that Billy has his sticker visible and renews it every two years.

"He’s never been clamped anywhere else," she said.

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