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Who is winning the computer war in schools?

In the past four years thousands of school pupils have started using iPads or laptops as each school tries to be more hi-tech than the other.

Apple seemed to be leading the charge, with some schools adopting iPads as if they were an essential teaching accessory.

But is Google going to the win the race? The Financial Times reports that Apple has lost its lead in the classroom in the United States.

Google Chrome books have taken over from iPads as the most popular new device for US education authorities with sales of $715,000.

The Chromebooks are light mini-laptops that fit easily into a school bag. While an iPad is perhaps more user-friendly for browsing the internet, the Google device is more suitable for keyboard work and typing essays.

Made by Samsung, HP, Dell, and Acer, Chromebooks are also cheaper than iPads.

White board jungle

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